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World Wildlife Day: Best Wildlife Trips

There’s never a bad time to highlight the amazing flora and fauna you can visit on unique itineraries with our partners. The occasion of World Wildlife Day (that was March 3), though, is the perfect time. This year’s theme is “sustaining all life on Earth.” These are just a few of the myriad ways you can help with that effort while also having an incredible experience.

Tigers & red pandas

JungleSutra Wildlife Journeys has an itinerary in India unlike any other. In the eastern Himalayas, you’ll spot red pandas in their only natural habitat. Singalila National Park is also home to many exotic bird species, including blood pheasant and fire-tailed myzornis. In the Kanha Tiger Preserve, you’ll encounter not only Bengal tigers but leopards and Asiatic wild dogs, along with several different exotic birds not found in Singalila. The 13-day journey has departures from March 18 through March 5 of next year.


Magdalena Bay and the Sea of Cortes in Baja California are a favorite playground for several whale species. In winter, gray whales find Magdalena Bay the perfect spot to birth and raise calves. Whales, dolphins, Heermann’s gulls and terns frolic in the warmth and protection of the Sea of Cortes. Lindblad Expeditions has several itineraries in winter months that take advantage of the rare experience of seeing young calves learn the ins and outs of being a whale from doting mothers.

The Big Five

It’s no secret that an African safari is the ultimate wildlife vacation. There are a number of Virtuoso- and Largay-preferred partners who can give you a great chance of spotting all the big five: lion, leopard, Cape buffalo, rhino and elephant. Among our favorites is the company founded in Kenya that takes its name from the quest: Big Five Tours & Expeditions. In addition to safaris, they offer opportunities to track gorillas in Rwanda and Uganda, spot lemurs in Madagascar and go on the trail of primates in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Marsupials galore

Many species of wildlife you’ll find in Australia and nowhere else. Southern World’s Australian Wilderness & Wildlife tour takes travelers from Tasmania to Kangaroo Island to Sydney across 10 days. Australia and especially Kangaroo Island are recovering from the bushfires and welcoming visitors with open arms. Along the way you’ll see sea life in the form of dolphins, whales, sea lions and seabirds in addition to koalas, kangaroos and wallabies.


The unique wildlife in the Galapagos famously inspired Charles Darwin to develop his theory of evolution. Natural Habitat Adventures’ Galapagos itineraries show off the diversity of these islands straddling the equator. Classic Galapagos or the intimate kayaking & hiking adventure take you to beaches where sea lions snooze and blue-footed boobies frolic, lava fields where iguanas soak up the sun and rich waters where sea turtles, rays and reef sharks swim.

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