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Miraval Berkshires

To start 2021 off right (it has to be better than the preceding year) I visited Miraval Berkshires. If you are interested in health, wellness, incredible food, amazing spa treatments and wonderful people - you have to visit! This is Miraval's third property adding on to those in Tucson and Austin.

The property opened July 2020 and was long anticipated. It is an adults-only 100 room resort set on 380 beautiful acres in the Berkshires. If at any time we needed a wellness property focusing on well-being, it is now. All packages include room, activities and resort amenities, meals, gratuities and non-alcoholic drinks. No one is judging if you want alcohol (a good glass of wine is part of wellness!) or a burger. They have a special place called The Roost which offers unlimited smoothies, coffee and healthy snacks. It turns into the bar in the evening.

The property is connected by inner hallways so you never have to step outside. You can live in your bathrobe - and many people do! Social distancing and sanitation is strictly adhered to. Some areas of the spa are still closed such as sauna, steam room and jacuzzis. Housekeeping is done every 4th day, but you can definitely request daily service.

Upon arrival you are given your choice of a Miraval backpack or tote bag and water bottle. Inside the bag is a monthly catalog of activities. FOMO kicked in and for three days I attempted to fit in as much as I could. But if you feel like relaxing, that is encouraged as well. My roster included, Qigong, an art walk, a deep mountain massage, an outdoor hike, a farm & barn tour, movement class, pilates, TRX, morning stretch and a juniper leg and foot treatment. Then there were the culinary classes! Cocktails with the Chef, The Joy of Java class, Highlights of the Season cooking, a smoothie class and Just Cook For Me where the chef prepares four freestyle courses with wine pairings. The chef, Beatrice, was knowledgeable, entertaining and overall delightful.

The Farm and Barn is incredible and I'm sure on my next visit, it will have added quite a bit more. The programs offer focus on providing emotional and spiritual healing. One example is the Avian Adaptations in which guests interact with birds of prey and learn about their rehabilitation bringing perseverance and resilience into the guest's lives. Hero's Journey is guided by a trained equine specialist. Guest lead horses through a series of obstacles that represent challenges and triumphs from their own lives. In the summer there's even a painting class using the side of the horse as your canvas! All animals at the farm have been rescued and are treated as part of the Miraval family.

Miraval Berkshires is the first resort in the family that has distinctly changing seasons. The programs are tailored to each. It definitely made me want to return to experience each one!

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