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What We Discovered at Virtuoso Travel Week

Virtuoso Travel Week is the ultimate annual global travel community event. Exclusive to the Virtuoso network, of which I am a proud member, VTW focuses on the evolving marketplace conversation between Virtuoso advisors, their clients, and preferred suppliers, with advisors making a “buying trip” on behalf of their clientele. Virtuoso Travel Week features hundreds of thousands of hours of personal networking between member agency and preferred partner attendees, extensive professional development opportunities, and a celebration of Virtuoso, the world’s top luxury travel network. (For more information on Virtuoso see

If you love to travel as much as we do, you no doubt have a long list of destinations and experiences in mind. What if, just as you plan out your future with a financial advisor, you plotted out a course with your travel advisor for checking those items and having unforgettable journeys with your favorite people?

Timing can be everything, and your travel advisor knows when the best times are to visit certain places. So if your advisor also knows where you’d like to in the next few years, he or she can be on the lookout for peak value, saving you thousands of dollars in the long run while diving deep into the heart of your destination without feeling like just another face in a vast crowd of tourists. Mapping out your future travels can give you peace of mind and make sure everyone in your family gets to visit their dream destination. In the process, you might discover wishes your loved ones have that you never would have guessed.

That’s the idea behind Wanderlist, and it’s one of the key takeaways from this year’s Virtuoso Travel Week in Las Vegas. Another was the importance of sustainable travel, and Virtuoso sustainability council put together Under One Sky, a panel discussing how to spread the word about sustainable travel and that luxury and sustainability can coexist marvelously.

Our supplier partners have once again outdone themselves, putting together mind-blowing itineraries such as Nomadic Expeditions’ Dinosaurs of the Gobi 12-day journey in Mongolia that pair travelers with paleontologists in some of the richest troves of dino fossils in the world, including Ukhaa Talgod, where a nearly complete fossilized egg and several nests have been unearthed. Cruise and expedition partners such as Uncruise, Aqua Expeditions and Lindblad will take state-of-the-art ships to incredible spots you might not have even realized you could travel to, hidden coves in Hawaii, pristine Indonesian islands and the High Arctic.

While you’re off discovering uncharted territory, there are so many services to make your experience even more magical and make the not-so-fun aspects of travel a little easier. Flytographer allows you to have a professional photo shoot in your destination so you can take home precious memories captured on film. Blue Ribbon Bags will track down luggage lost by an airline and get it back to you within 96 hours for as little as $5. If they don’t, they’ll give you $1,000. Those are just a few of the ways our Virtuoso partners are making life easier for our travelers.

We can’t wait to tell you about all the other exciting new experiences we learned about. So, what’s on your Wanderlist? Let us know at or 800-322-9481.

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