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Things We're Grateful For

This week we gather with friends and family to celebrate what we mean to each other. We’ll reunite with loved ones and take a few days to relax, eat way too much and give thanks for all the gifts we’ve been fortunate to receive this year. Forecasts call for this to be the busiest Thanksgiving travel weekend in at least a decade, if not ever. At Largay, we’re certainly thankful and hopeful for on-time flights and no weather delays. Here are a few more of the things we’re most thankful for.

New Destinations

Whether it’s places such as Egypt and Turkey that are making a comeback or emerging destinations such as Sri Lanka, Colombia and Portugal, we’re always happy to go places we haven’t been before, or rediscover places that have changed drastically. Isn’t that the purpose of travel, after all? There’s nothing quite like stepping off a plane in a completely foreign place and just immersing yourself in your destination. With our partners on the ground in spots all over the world, you’re sure to come home feeling like an expert in a place you may have known nothing about when you started planning.

Adventure Travel

As thrilling as a new destination is getting the adrenaline pumping in any destination. There are so many great trips to take that challenge us to get out of our comfort zones. Want to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, go bungee jumping or just get dropped in the middle of nowhere and find your way out? Our Virtuoso partners can take care of that and so much more. Even sleeping can be an adventure when you’re hanging off a cliff in Peru or marveling at the Northern Lights in a bubble in Iceland. Name your rush, we can deliver it.

Wellness Travel

After a year full of adventure travel, we need a little time to pamper ourselves. Fortunately, there’s a whole host of Virtuoso wellness getaways to choose from. You can take it as easy as you want to, spending all day at the spa. Or, you can give yourself a crash course in sugar-free back-to-basics diet or get zen with intensive meditation. Trust us, after a long weekend of entertaining family followed by another round of holidays a month later, you’ll need to take a deep breath.

Fellow Travelers

We wouldn’t be where we are today, about to celebrate 50 years in business, if it weren’t for wonderful people like you who love exploring the world as much as we do. As much as we love solo travel, trips are great when there’s someone to share them with. It’s hard to beat a once-in-a-lifetime vacation with the people you love most in this world, and people who are as enthusiastic about travel as much as you are. Thank you all so much, and have a wonderful holiday season!

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