• Kathryn Schutz

What's hot in 2016

We're looking for something out of the ordinary, a place to fuel our passion for travel but a place that's yet to be affected by mass tourism.

Greenland: Visit September through April

It's the best spot to see the aurora borealis. In March they will host the first ever Arctic Winter


Bavaria, Germany: Visit March through September

Breathtaking scenery, an easygoing feel and great culture. Follow the Romantic Road through

forests to castles right out of Disneyland.

Riviera Nayarit, Mexico: Visit January through April

On the West coast and home to surfer town Sayulita. It feels like authentic Mexico with cobble-

stone streets and fish tacos.

Botswana, Africa: Visit any time

Botswana will celebrate 50 years of independence in 2016. It fits all tastes: adventurers, honey-

mooners, families and wild scenesters

Kotor, Montenegro: Visit May through September

Drop dead gorgeous scenery, and the cruise ships haven't discovered it yet. Get there before it

becomes discovered like Croatia.

Palau: Visit September through April

250 islands in the Pacific Ocean are a snorkeling and divers paradise.

Stay tuned for Part Two in December.


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